domingo, agosto 21, 2011

Notícias de 15 a 21 de Agosto de 2011

Boys Reach Sexual Maturity Younger and Younger: Phase Between Being Physically but Not Socially Adult Is Getting Longer

Há uma nova interpretação sobre os concheiros de Muge

Oxford University to create prehistoric map of England

Homo Erectus travelled the high seas

Human jawbones unearthed near Point Hope hold ancient dietary clues

quinta-feira, agosto 11, 2011

Mystery Skull Interactive

Jogo do Simthsonian National Museum of Natural History que permite a identificação de uma espécie através da comparação de crânios.
Para aceder ao jogo:

domingo, agosto 07, 2011

Notícias de 1 a 7 de Agosto de 2011

Neanderthales y Homo sapiens convivieron en la cueva del Castillo

Bone may display oldest art in Americas

Chinese stone tools introduced to Japan 20,000 years ago: experts

Reservoirs of Ancient Lava Shaped Earth

Mitochondria Share an Ancestor With SAR11, a Globally Significant Marine Microbe

The Last 3 Million Years at a Snail's Pace: A Tiny Trapdoor Opens a New Way to Date the Past

Six Million Years of Savanna: Grasslands, Wooded Grasslands Accompanied Human Evolution

What Shapes a Bone? Diet and Genetics Dictate Adult Jaw Shape

Water’s edge ancestors